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Here is a synopsis of the story:  


According to legend, whoever possesses the spear used in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ will rule the world! It is called the Spear of Destiny and crusading armies throughout history have wielded it victoriously in battle. Attila the Hun was undefeated with it in his arms and Charlemagne carried it through 47 successful battles but died once he dropped it. Napoleon sought it but never found it. Adolf Hitler stole it. This powerful historical read chronicles the lives of Hitler and his nemesis, General George Patton, in their desperate pursuit of the relic. Both warriors lived out their own mystic convictions about the legendary power behind the spear, or “Longinus,” as their lives crossed during dangerous times of combat and conquest, and onto spiritual paths of prophetic malevolence.


Excerpt for Week #1:


The tour guide stood alongside of the case. He was partly

illuminated by the light shining through the glass, or—as it

appeared—by the item in the glass box. He cleared his throat

and began in a posh Viennese accent, “This is the Roman spear

that pierced the side of Jesus Christ. Look at its sleekness in the

midsection. These spears were only kept by a particular legion

of Roman soldiers. In fact, it’s sometimes referred to as the

‘Longinus,’ named after its Roman owner.” Adolphus (Hitler) blinked

twice and was entranced again.

“This spear was used during

the Crusades and always brought victory. It was then used by

Charlemagne against the Muslim invaders and brought him true

victory. Paradoxically, it may be used for either great good or

great evil for whoever possesses it.”


(Hitler would later be quoted concerning the experience:

“I stood there quietly gazing upon it for several minutes, quite

oblivious to the scene around me. It seemed to carry some

hidden inner meaning which evaded me, a meaning which I felt

I inwardly knew yet could not bring to consciousness. I felt as

though I myself had held it before in some earlier century of

history. That I myself had once claimed it as my talisman of

power and held the destiny of the world in my hands…” Adolf

Hitler, The Spear of Destiny)

Forgetting where he was, young Hitler interjected, “How

could it be used for both?”

“Dolphie!” Father Eisenbraun barked. “You were all told to

save your questions for the end of the tour. I’m sorry, sir.”

“Not at all,” replied the tour guide. “It’s a valid question,

which has merit for an immediate answer. How could something

regarded as holy be effective for both great good and evil for its

possessor? I can only suggest this. It has been used for both great

good and evil. In the Bible you will find that crucifying Jesus

was God’s way of offering a perfect sacrifice for the salvation of

man, uh, if he puts his faith in this way.”

Father Eisenbraun interrupted. “Good sir, are you elucidating

from the doctrinal teachings of Martin Luther?”

“No, not at all,” the guide responded, attempting to avoid a

religious discussion about Catholic doctrine. “I’m merely quoting

from the Bible. And we have Guttenberg Bibles on display in the

next wing for all of you to peruse. Now then, in response to the

question, we all can understand how this act of sacrifice may be

considered to be good, and the spear was used to prove that Jesus

was dead—that God’s sacrifice was completed. Others suggest

that because this object came into contact with his holy blood,

it carries a type of uh, special power, if you will. Nonetheless,

these are considered to be good things. Now you may also read

how this man was innocent, traded in for money, and became

subject to a death by torture at the hands of man. This injustice

at the hands of men was a great evil on their part, my children.

And we know how Judas, the traitor, even committed suicide

after realizing this fact. So there you have it. The spear was

initially used for both good and evil. We refer to it now as the

“Spear of Destiny.”


Tell me what you think. The legend behind the spear has been verified throughout history but do you think that the power is real, or is it merely circumstantial coincidences which have made it what it is?

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